Our staff and Board members power our mission and vision in some pretty amazing ways. We couldn’t accomplish much without their energy, dedication and talent. Learn more about the people behind our organization.

Debbie Wyche

Director of Wildlife Education – Board Vice President

With over 35 years of unrivaled expertise in exotic animal and wildlife management, specializing in felids, our founder and management supervisor at Cat Tales Wildlife Center leads the way.

As the primary instructor at Cat Tales Wildlife Academy for over 25 years, their dedication to imparting knowledge and skills is unmatched.

Not only are they responsible for administering all local, regional, and state licensing and permits, ensuring the highest standards of animal care, vocational training, and nonprofit status, but they also strive to drive skills and work ethics among students to meet employer expectations and industry regulations.

Their ongoing studies focus on shaping a brighter future for wildlife and those devoted to its care. From nonprofit board development and grant writing to advancing our online education programs, they remain at the forefront of the evolving landscape of zookeeping instruction.

Lisa Grey

Executive Director

With a wealth of experience and extensive education, I bring a diverse range of skills to the table.

In property management, I excel in various areas, including HR management, ensuring ADA compliance, navigating fair housing regulations, championing civil rights, overseeing board of director meetings, and conducting annual owner meetings.

My knowledge extends to insurance matters, damage mitigation strategies, conducting structural assessments, and overseeing maintenance operations. I am well-versed in disaster preparedness, ensuring the safety and security of properties under my care.

Furthermore, I have a passion for creating and implementing programs that cater to children and low-income households. Alongside this, I possess expertise in property inspections and file audits, ensuring adherence to standards and regulations.

In my current role, I successfully manage social media platforms, spearhead fundraising efforts, handle public relations, oversee HR functions, and ensure the smooth day-to-day operations of the zoo.

With a strong foundation of experience and a commitment to excellence, I am well-equipped to tackle any challenge that comes my way.

Randy Grey

Maintenance & Operations

Throughout my career, I have honed my skills in various areas, including painting, masonry, carpentry, and drywall installation. I have had the privilege of working in high-end client homes, where I led painting crews and ensured the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

In addition, I have successfully managed and operated a small warehouse that specialized in providing top-quality produce, proteins, and other food goods to private and corporate businesses. My expertise in inventory management, logistics, and customer service allowed me to deliver exceptional products to our valued clients.

Currently, I am entrusted with the responsibility of maintaining the grounds and exhibits of the zoo. This encompasses a wide range of tasks, such as managing supplies and inventory, constructing new animal housing and exhibits, and undertaking building improvements. From the foundation to the finishing touches, I am well-versed in the maintenance and operation of the entire zoo infrastructure.

Furthermore, I have gained valuable experience in supervising volunteer work crews. Through effective leadership and guidance, I have fostered a positive and productive environment, ensuring that all tasks are completed efficiently and to the highest standards.

With a strong background in various trades, warehouse management, and zoo maintenance, I bring a well-rounded skillset and a proven track record of success to any project or team I am a part of.

Board of Directors

The Board provides oversight of our programs and the organization’s financial health. As dedicated volunteers, they are an essential part of our leadership team and our efforts to responsibly raise funds and awareness.

Ryan Wyche – President

Marilyn Valentine – Secretary

As a retired educator, volunteering at Cat Tales feels like the ideal ‘next chapter’ in serving my community.  Being highly organized makes me a good fit to serve as the Board of Directors’ Secretary.  I also enjoy working in the Ticket Booth where I can interact with the guests as I share my love for the park and hear about their history in visiting the animals and the experiences that stand out to them. Other activities I enjoy are playing on Mt Spokane in the winter and living the ‘lake life’ in the summer.

Nancy Morrigeaux – Treasurer

I started volunteering for Cat Tales Wildlife in Autumn of 1991.  It has been very rewarding being a part of Cat Tales rescue and educational mission from early beginnings.  Animal Care, Conservation and Environmental Education have always been paramount, with our beautiful creatures at Cat Tales Wildlife, being the true teachers.  I reside in Western Washington and have been a Satellite Branch Manager for Northwest MLS since 2004.   Spending time with children, grand children, and stewardship, so very important to me as well.

Heather Keepers – Director

Heather first heard about the Cat Tales Zoological Training Center when she was a teenager from an animal park in her home state of Arizona. From that moment, she knew she was going to apply to the training school after she finished her four year Bachelor’s degree. Graduating from Cat Tales in 2006, Heather went on to be a free contact tiger trainer for Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. There, she was a part of a team that won 4 consecutive awards for Best Live Edutainment Show in the World. She spent her 17 year career expanding her experience in handling and free-contact training from tigers to all North American carnivores and some more exotic species including, but not limited to the elusive and incredibly endangered amur and snow leopards. She then went on to manage the Grizzly Bear Research Center at Washington State University in Pullman, WA.

Heather has since officially retired from the animal field to focus on her other passion in life; baseball & softball. She now serves as the COO of the Louisville Slugger Hitting Science Center, which is the research/development and educational/instructional arm of Louisville Slugger and Wilson Sporting Goods. When she’s not focused on player development for baseball and softball players alike, she still advocates for animal welfare, and is a voice and supporter of our mission here at Cat Tales Wildlife Park.

Rhiannon Walthers – Director

Rhiannon’s connection to Cat Tales Wildlife began when her mother Nancy became their first volunteer in 1992. Animal conservation, environmental activism, the passion for learning and sharing knowledge with others is a cornerstone of her Inspiration. As a member of the Board she looks forward to continuing that Legacy. Residing in Western Washington, Rhiannon is currently working on a food forest project which will help feed local families and teach others to care for our native pollinators and wildlife. Her work with LeBlanc CNE is focused on research, product development and creating sustainable resources for US markets. 

Doug Hoiby – Director