Program Completion


Successful Completion of Part One – Introduction to Zookeeping & Facility Operations (or equivalent) and Part Two – Advanced Zookeeping & Small Facility Management are required for Graduation and to acquire the Professional Zookeeper Certificate of Achievement.

Student Records and Grades on File

Student records will be maintained by the school for 50 years or until the school closes. If the school closes, records may be forwarded to the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board. Upon graduation, each student will be given a copy of his or her transcript. These records should be maintained indefinitely by the student. Students may request copies by writing the school. Student records are available for review by the student at any time.

Placement Assistance

Cat Tales Wildlife Academy does not guarantee job placement. A student’s ability to benefit from the Professional Zookeeper Program is taken into consideration upon acceptance to the instructional study and practical internship training required for graduation. Successful completion of the program will provide the student with employable skills. When available, networking or recommendation contacts will be provided to improve the possibility of employment to graduates that have shown quality advancement in the Professional Zookeeper Program.

Career Opportunities

o Zookeeper I – (Entry level)
o Zookeeper II – (Lead or Senior Keeper) – (requires completion of Program with honors)
o Animal Care Professional with Large Carnivore Experience
o Wildlife Rehabilitation
o Wildlife / Conservation Educator
o Nonprofit and/or Facility Operations – with Animal Care Background