Admission Procedures

New Students

  1. Obtain an application from the Cat Tales Wildlife Center, 17020 N. Newport Hwy, Mead, WA. 99021; contact us at our facility by dialing (509) 238-4126 or download the application from the website.
  2. Return application and current photo to the admissions office, located at the same address as the Wildlife Center. Applications can be sent by email to or completed online.
  3. Request and return a copy of your transcripts for both your high school (or a copy of G.E.D. completion) and any previous college(s) attended to the admissions office. Proof of technical status will suffice, if practical.
  4. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation from employers or teachers for the program.
  5. Submit proof of a recent physical examination, tetanus shot and tuberculosis test.
  6. The last step to acceptance is an in person, virtual, or phone interview that will determine the acceptance or rejection of the applicant. Prior to the personal interview all the above-
    mentioned items must be on file at the Wildlife Academy.
  7. Final notice of your acceptance (or refusal) will be sent to you in letter form. Any specific requirements of applicants will be included.
    Download the Student Catalog

Former Students

Students re-applying for a course, either missed with an approved extended leave of absence or a non-passing grade in a subject resulting in dismissal, should submit a petition to the program faculty. After the petition for re-entry to the program or course is submitted the program faculty will notify you, as to approval or denial.