An in-depth program that builds upon the foundational knowledge gained in the “Introduction to Zookeeping & Facility Operations” course, with a particular focus on developing leadership skills and exploring the essentials of Small Zoo Management. The program aims to equip students with the expertise necessary to manage animal-related facilities effectively, which has practical applications beyond just the zoo industry. By providing a comprehensive understanding of the structure of animal and people-related facilities, students will develop transferable management skills applicable to various business contexts.


Part Two of our program, called Advanced Zookeeping & Small Facility Management, is designed for students who have completed the Introduction to Zookeeping & Facility Operations course or have equivalent experience, as determined by our Review and Acceptance Committee. This course focuses on advanced study and implementation of the skills taught in the introductory course, with an emphasis on leadership and an introduction to small zoo management.

The Advanced Zookeeping & Small Facility Management course consists of 24 weeks, with a minimum of 720 hours of practical internship training. Students will learn through a combination of virtual and practical internship training, with a review of the instruction covered in the introductory course.

Program Highlights

The course covers leadership in professional animal care and small zoo operations, with practical training in the conditioning or training of specified animals to assist in their husbandry, health, medical management, and welfare. Depending on the species and animal’s history, the wildlife housed at Cat Tales may be protected or free contact animals.

Other areas of instruction and implementation include animal husbandry, health, welfare, dietary preparation and delivery, advanced enrichment, conservation education programs, geriatric animal care, veterinary care and procedures, and employment readiness.