Our Internship Program offers an exceptional opportunity for students passionate about biology, wildlife, and veterinary sciences to gain hands-on experience in a dynamic zoological setting. This unpaid program is designed for those seeking to immerse themselves in the practical aspects of animal care and zoo management, working alongside our dedicated team of students in the Professional Zookeeper Program,, part-time volunteers, and core staff members.

We are proud to have a diverse and skilled team of over 20 individuals, encompassing students, interns, instructors, and volunteers, all dedicated to the welfare of our center. Our team plays a vital role in various activities, including conducting tours, managing inquiries, supporting animal care, and spearheading outreach efforts, thereby contributing significantly to our mission.


Interns are integral to our team, working closely with animal care professionals, students, and volunteers. This proximity to the animals necessitates a rigorous commitment to safety protocols and instructions from the Keeper in Charge (KIC). Non-compliance with these safety measures can lead to immediate dismissal, especially considering the potential dangers posed by predatory animals.

Intern responsibilities are diverse and include maintaining and cleaning animal enclosures, preparing animal diets (which may involve handling raw meats), meticulous record-keeping, providing species-specific enrichment, engaging with visitors, and participating in various operational tasks as assigned by management.

This role demands physical stamina, as it involves lifting up to 50 pounds, standing for prolonged periods, and working outdoors in varying weather conditions.


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age and have completed high school. While college students pursuing studies in biology, zoology, or wildlife are encouraged to apply, enrollment in these courses is not mandatory.

Please note that Cat Tales does not provide college credit for the internship. Interns are responsible for arranging credit through their educational institutions.

The internship requires a commitment of 300 hours over 12 weeks, with a minimum of 24 hours weekly. Applicants unable to meet this commitment are encouraged to apply for volunteer positions instead.

Candidates must be in good health and able to provide recent medical documentation, including a physical examination, Tetanus vaccination, and a negative TB test. Successful applicants will be dependable, punctual, courteous, positive, safety-conscious, self-motivated, team-oriented, and have reliable transportation. Interns are responsible for their own accommodation and health insurance.


Interested candidates should complete the online application form and can address inquiries to Due to our prioritization of animal care, please allow for some delay in our response.

Following the application, we will conduct interviews (either virtually or in person), reference checks, and background screenings. Acceptance into the program is contingent upon providing proof of a physical exam, Tetanus vaccination, and a negative TB test.

Internship start dates are flexible and will be determined individually.

I understand that the information on my internship application is subject to check and verification by Cat Tales Wildlife Center, and that my previous and present employers, organizations, and volunteer associations may be asked for information as to my character and record with them. I hereby grant permission to Cat Tales Wildlife Center to contact these employers, organizations, and volunteer associations, and further, I hereby authorize my former and/or present employers, organizations, and volunteer associations to give any information as to my character and employment record with them.

I also grant permission to Cat Tales Wildlife Center to obtain information from and/or copy police and court records in order to conduct a pre-internship investigation on me. I hereby release from all liability and damages those individuals, companies, organizations, or agencies who provide information as stated above.

Should I become an Intern, I agree to comply with all rules and regulations of Cat Tales Wildlife Center. I understand that I am applying for a voluntary position to help Cat Tales Wildlife Center in a non-paid position. I realize that there are many hazards at Cat Tales Wildlife Center that deal with animals, diseases, and other dangerous and unpredictable injuries. I am aware of my own health and physical limitation, which might not be obvious to my supervisor. I realize that it is my responsibility to decline any work that is beyond my capacity (physical or mental), so that my safety and health is maintained.

​I agree to release and hold harmless Cat Tales Wildlife Center from any accident, injury, illness, or damage sustained as an Intern, while serving in such a capacity. I waive my rights to seek any form of damages and instruct my heirs and beneficiaries to honor this agreement. The parties to this Agreement do hereby mutually recognize that Cat Tales Wildlife Center does not provide Workman’s Compensation or any other type of liability insurance. Accordingly, persons such as Interns are not covered by Cat Tales Wildlife Center for such forms of insurance.

If placed in an Animal Care Department, the volunteer will be responsible for paying for a TB test at a doctor or facility of his/her choice. For the welfare of the employees and animals, Cat Tales Wildlife Center requires all volunteers working in Animal Care departments to receive a TB test, and have it read negative, in order to volunteer at Cat Tales Wildlife Center in such capacity. If proof of negative TB test is available, current within the last 12 months, please submit proof with application. The intern must be current on their Tetanus vaccination; proof must be provided once the applicant is accepted into the Cat Tales Wildlife Center Internship Program in the Animal Care Department. All vaccinations are at the intern’s expense.

I certify that the information given by me in this internship application is true and complete. Furthermore, I certify that I have read and understand the above.